What is a Flex-drop?

Flex drop

Today we can enjoy freedom and variety of choices more than ever before. Airbnb opened the door to step in someone’s home and spend some time in local environment. Uber driver can catch you on a street and give a ride with his/her own car. It is becoming easier to travel and reach new horizons. We became more mobile and flexible. We also understand the value of time. Time is limited.
Since it’s beginning, Dropbyke was created with one goal in mind – to provide freedom and flexibility for people without time, deposit and location restrictions.

Time stands for bikes availability – 24/7.
There is no deposit needed.
Location restrictions is a part of flex-drop. It is a function, which lets people to finish ride anywhere (exactly!). Lock the bike safely in public area and finish steps in application.
Just keep in mind, there is an additional cost for it. After flex-drop ride, we always send a person to make sure bike is locked properly and does not disturb city infrastructure.


What’s your thoughts about this function?

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