How to use Dropbyke to the fullest?

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Sometimes we receive questions where people ask about one or another function. They already have a plan in their mind, but not sure how to behave to take the most of their trip with Dropbyke.

So we decided to cover few points, just in case you haven’t noticed them. If you did, it is never too much for repetition. So here we go!


Reserve bike from the distance

Bike reservationYou can reserve bike in 3km or closer distance. After pressing RESERVE button, you will have 15 minutes to find and unlock the bike. During reservation process, nobody else will be able to take this particular bike.

Note: reservation process is FREE of charge.





Choose any bike you want

Choose a bike

When you open application and turn on GPS, it will always detect and recommend the bike for you at the bottom (in this case BC-0022). However, every time you can choose any bike you want. Simply press on QR code logo and scan the basket. The number of bike will change and you can proceed the further steps. Press on the bike photo, to see full pricing details.






Check the lock code for short stops

Ride progress DropbykeIf you decided to have a short stop, we advise not to finish the ride for couple reasons:

  1. It will be available for any person to use it.
  2. Flex-drop price might will be applied.

The best example is to lock the bike, enjoy the coffee shop or [insert your preference] and after you come back, simply press on the lock icon up right corner to re-check the code. Until you finish your ride, it will remain the same.



Take more bikes with one account

Multi rideYou can take as many bikes as you want (in case there no more left) by pressing PLUS blue button. Then repeat the same steps as taking the first bike.

Note: at the end, you have to finish the ride for each bike separately.






Hopefully this will be helpful. Do you see any other points or have ideas? Let us to know in the comment below.

If not..

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