Get lost.. on a bike!

BarcelonaIt is said that when the man is pushed into the cold water, his mind starts working at much better pace. A new opportunities become wide open, and he is able to see things, which never occurred before. Why is so?

The example with cold water is quite reasonable – our prime instinct is to survive, thus brain do whatever it can to provide the best solutions. On the other hand, nowadays we live in safe society and can shift our focus on other things. So, what about that cold water?

Last day I got lost in a city, while riding on a bike.  The first idea was to turn on GPS and figure out the way back. But the second thought was: let’s explore and see what happens. And that’s how one of the most interesting journey has started.


Notice small details



Many times small things make place a masterpiece. You just have to lift your head and keep eyes wide open.

On a bike you can easily reach city corner or get surrounded by architecture in the center.

And the best thing is – you can easily get back on track. And fast.






Find strange sculptures



Sculpture BarcelonaNot only in the main square or centric area.

Each city hides a small secret in different locations, and you have to find it.






Stop and relax for a moment


Park in Barcelona



In the end, you do not need to be pushed into cold water to get off the path and explore the city in a little bit different way. Just decide to “get lost” and find the most capturing moments.

The world is made for exploring. Keep going!

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