At the top of Barcelona

DropbykeTibidabo is the tallest mountain near Barcelona. From 512 meters, spectacular views open to the whole Barcelona city on the one side and nature on the other.

For those who are looking for some fun, Tibidabo Amusement Park is open. But if you are more into exploration, the summit of mountain is occupied by Sagrat Cor church, where you can be lifted up even a bit higher.

Tibidabo can be reached by car, by bus, halfway by train, by foot, or.. by bike. Of course, it takes some time to reach the destination, but the views are worth it.

Check it out:


Barcelona side

Dropbyke on Tibidabo

Ready to have some fun?

Dropbyke on Tibidabo

Get around the mountain



Sagrat Cor church.












View from Sagrat Cor church

The view from the entrance to Sagrat Cor church


The Nature side

Dropbyke Tibidabo

On the other side, amazing views of the nature


Half way to the sea, half way to the mountains


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