7 reasons to travel around Barcelona on a bike

Barcelona on a bike


If you are planning a trip to Barcelona, you probably have already checked for the best transportation options. If you haven’t, well.. you should. And each is reliable in some way. One of them is bicycle. With growing infrastructure (more than 200 km of bike roads) and bike friendly streets it is becoming an ideal traveling solution. So here are 7 insights, why to choose bike to explore Barcelona:

  1. Be your own boss

Do you want to stop at that local shop for a moment? Go right now to the next place without waiting for the next bus, tram, etc? Grab a bike, sharpen your legs and start pedaling. There is always a free seat available for you. Saw something interesting on the way? Turn right, left and go like a boss (just make sure car drivers understood your crazy initial plan).

Don’t miss anything. Do you want to feel true travel experience in Barcelona? Get off the tourist track. Go, where locals go, feel the whole city. Get lost. With bike, you can easily get back on track.


  1. It is environment friendly

Save that tree! – someone shouts from under the corner. No CO2 emission floating in the air. Bikes ride very smoothly and quietly (in case you haven’t noticed). And while not everyone (unfortunately) cares about environment issues, green peace guys will send you a HUGE thank you note.


  1. More than 2800 parking spots

It counts for more than 16 000 parking racks. That is huge! You can easily park near restaurant or local coffee shop. Get some rest and continue journey in a minute.


  1. It is faster than walking

This one sounds quite obvious, but still worth mentioning. Barcelona is not the biggest city in the world – that is true. But walking it all can be a tough task, especially when your vacation time is limited. For instance, the distance between Sagrada Familia and Montjuic castle is 8 km. People who travel Camino de Santiago would laugh at it, but for others it’s worth considering.


  1. Get some muscles

Well, while every fitness trainer would not agree with this statement (muscles don’t grow so fast), there is an amazing feeling after riding a bike. Your legs are like after good work out. And at the same time you enjoyed the city. Get fit, stay fit! What could be better? (Maybe couple dumbbells on the way.. Oh wait, you need to hold the steering wheel).


  1. Enjoy the night ride

This one is completely another level of experience. You will notice that same streets at night look different. Same buildings and architecture bring a new shining flavor for your eyes. And you can visit as much as possible. Dropbyke service is open 24/7.

Barcelona at night

Super moon and W hotel Barcelona from Montjuïc hill


  1. No strings attached

It’s good idea to have a plan, while visiting Barcelona. At least a small one. This is really helpful, if you try to visit as much as possible in a short period of time. And if you do it on a bike, usually you start drawing a circle: here I will find a bike rental, will visit this and that and finally will be back in the same spot (because rental is closing at 9pm!). Doesn’t it sound a bit tight and boring? Especially if you ride back through the same spots. Dropbyke has a flex-drop function. You can leave bike anywhere in a public area. Total freedom! Just keep in mind that there is an additional cost based on the distance from starting point.


What is your travel experience on a bike while traveling? Would you add any additional points? Feel free to share.

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