6 health benefits of bicycling

DropbykeDespite the fact that half of the world is always under the winter time, it is never too late to think about next season. Especially after New Year and it’s resolution time, when majority of people make a decision to grab fitness club membership and say goodbye to those additional kilos.

But no matter where you are at this time, some things a universal. One of them is overall health benefit of riding a bicycle. And here we will cover only [even] six of them.


  1. Live longer

There was a study made among Tour de France participants and it showed that on average the former pros lived 8 years longer than their peers. Not a pro? A large study in Norway took a test of elderly men in their 70s and 80s found that just 30 minutes of exercise per day resulted living up to five years longer, compared to men who didn’t do any physical activity.


2. Lose pain

While this sounds a little bit odd at the beginning, there are various cases and medical support, which advises to make couple spins through-out the day and reduce/prevent knee pain and osteoarthritis.


3. Build stronger immune system


Photo source: sustainablecitiescollective.com

“Moderate exercise makes immune cells more active, so they’re ready to fight off infection,” says Cath Collins, chief dietitian at St George’s Hospital in London. That’s why people in Denmark slowly and steadily can use bicycle even during winter time. See the picture –>


4. Increase self-confidence

Bicycling been found to reduce depression and anxiety. Daily exercise increases energy level. Thus participants were able to make sharper and stronger decisions, take action, which led to higher self-esteem.


5. Burn fat

Welcome back to New Year’s resolution (smile). It shouldn’t be surprise that exercise burns fat. However, there different techniques, which used properly can burn fat in specific areas (like a belly).


6. Strengthen your heart

That is the strongest muscle we have. A study in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise after five years of studies with 1,500 participants concluded that those who were active on a daily basis, were 31-percent less likely to develop high blood pressure.

Which benefit looks the most valuable for you? Feel free to add any in the comments 😉

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