5 tips to lock your bike safely

Through out the history there were always some type of people, who because of different reasons “borrowed” other peoples’ things for the lifetime. And unfortunately for bicycle owners, it is one of the main targets for thieves. Luckily, there are ways how to prevent or distract thieves.

1. Choose the right lock(s)

It looks easier said than done. What is the right lock you might ask? First, we can say what is the bad choice – cable lock. You don’t want to rely on it solely. Chain or U lock is one of the best options. The shorter – the better. In this way thieves won’t be able to twist your bike or use metal bar.

u-lock_black_on_blackChain lock

2. Find a good rack

Same equally important is to find a proper rack or beam as a good lock. Make sure it cannot be easily moved or cut. Otherwise even the best lock won’t help.


3. Leave it in well-lit and higher feet traffic area

Thieves do not like publicity. At least most of them. Choose visible and wide area, where people pass more often.


4. Lock the most expensive parts first

Begin with the frame, then rear wheel and finally front wheel. It is possible to lock back wheel only, though it is quite difficult to remove it (especially if you lock it under the frame forming triangle). But you never never ever want to lock front wheel only. Otherwise, your bike will become a tasty “snack”.

Triangle lock

Triangle lock example

5. Don’t forget seat and other easily removable parts

Is your seat easily removable? Then make sure you use a separate lock for it.

Another part is lights. If you can, every time you park a bike, take off and carry lights with yourself. You can do the same with seat as well, especially if it fits in your backpack.


What lock and methods do you use?

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