5 tips how to share the road with cars

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According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), while only 1% of all trips taken in the U.S. (6% in Europe) are by bicycle, they face a higher risk of crash-related injury and deaths than other motor vehicles do. In 2014, each day approximately 30 people got into the accident. Surprisingly, but nearly 80% of all accidents occur in daylight. It can be explained by the fact that more people are using bike for commuting.

And since bike trend is booming (despite various reasons), many cities adapt to it and significantly increase the number of bike friendly roads. But until these road are ready to use, bicyclist must share the same line with cars. So here are few tips, how to safely ride down the street.


1. Show hand signals

This might look old fashion, but since bike has no side blinking lights, it helps a lot for car drivers to understand your next move.


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2. Look through car driver’s perspective

Imagine a situation. You ride down the street and suddenly see a car on your side, which just stopped. Another car is approaching from your left. What do you do? At first blink it looks possible to speed up and drive around that “roadblock”. But remember, car drives couple times faster. Now imagine you are a car driver in the same situation. It looks a bit odd to push breaks and increase possibility of accident, just to pass a bicyclist, who drives much slower.


3. Keep right

“Keep right, keep right” – says driving instructor. If you have driving license and drive on right side of the road, you might know it. The same can be applied to bicycles. Even sometimes it’s feels amazing to drive in the middle of the street, we have to face the fact that car is bigger and we have to fit together.


4. Don’t over speed

“Is it possible”? – you might ask. Yes, especially during traffic jams. At that moment cars stand still and since bike is so thin, you can easily drive through small spaces. But when you drive fast, you increase a probability of accident especially for the car drivers who turn right. In that situation, you have to keep left and if you over speed, it much more difficult to do so.

Bike and car

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5. Use lights or wear reflective vest

At last, but certainly not least. This one is very important. Every car driver agrees that even during the day time, light or bright reflective vest drives much more attention. More attention – less chance to be hit.


For the ending remark: “Cars do not own the city. City belongs to everyone. City belongs to people. So let’s share it together“.

What’s your experience? Are you more car or bike driver?

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