2016 was great. What is coming in 2017?

Dropbyke hotel2016 was a special year for Dropbyke and our customers. We introduced new bike model and people loved it. We opened 5 new locations and served more than 8000 dropbyke’rs. From small resorts, to seaside attractions and cities full of action.

As far as we could, we were at bikes spots and talked to our customers. We saw faces full of surprise, when they heard about flex-drop and opportunity to leave bike anywhere. So we kept improving it. We understood that they are interested to rent more bikes with one phone. We implemented multi-ride feature. We understood that more information is missing. We added Help section in application. We understood that current locks are not very convenient. So we changed them with new ones.

We met great hotel representatives. From people at reception desk to owners. Our goal was to serve their clients and we were happy to do that. It showed a perfect distinction between good and great hotels all over the places.


What about 2017?

DropbykeIn the following year we will introduce a new bike model. More convenient for the city and hopefully clients will love it too.

We will work on leaving bike anywhere model. Based on collected feedback, we will manage to find optimal price/location solution and inform customers about current ride status as much as possible. Will be happy to hear fresh news from you.

We will experiment with new locks, which will be even more convenient.

We will open new locations and spread comfortable city exploration experience for Dropbyke users.


But the most important, we will keep in touch to our customers as much as possible — listen to their needs and solve current challenges. Without them, Dropbyke would not exist.

So, at the end of amazing 2016, Dropbyke team wants to say ‘thank you’ all.


P.S. What would you like to see in Dropbyke next year? 🙂

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